Forget about advertising bludgeoning. We have entered a new era of content marketing. The only question to ask is : how do you bring more to your community?


Les Visions is a team of creatives and elite producers from the Cultural Industry. We created the first drama podcast of the RTBF (the national public media of Belgium) : DOULANGE.

This experience convinced us that podcasting and transmedia storytelling represent an unprecedented opportunity for the Cultural Industry and communication campaigns.
A powerful tool to reach and connect citizens where they spend their time : on their cellphone.

It allows you to create a meaningful and solid relationship with your community, in a original and unique way. 

Brands and companies are key players in our society. Vectors of change that animate the world of today and who work for tomorrow's world through their projects, values and communities.
Our mission is to help these visions to see the light of day, to give meaning to the world and to the future, with the sole purpose of creating strong communities, connecting individuals and reaching people where they are.

Our Values

Meaningful communication

We believe that your content should bring meaning to the world. Make it more fun, more touching, more beautiful, more human. We work to find your voice in the world and how your brand brings something more to the community you are trying to engage.


Our expertise focuses on telling stories. It allows us to connect on a human level with users and, in doing so, with your vision. Together we create a better life.

More fun, more touching, more beautiful, more human!

More fun, more touching,
more beautiful, more human!

Which vision

of the world

do you champion?

Caroline Prévinaire

Founder - Artistic Director

Introduced to technology and visual arts by her two times oscar winner hacker dad, it’s quite naturally that she chose to explore the artistic path. In 2018, she co-wrote and directed the first drama podcast for the RTBF : DOULANGE. Caroline is a story teller who’s always looking for new ways to tell the world. Former student of “IAD Théâtre”, the digital world is now her favorite field. She is fascinated by the world of possibilities, barely touched, that it offers us…

Emeline Lejeune

Production assistant

After two years working for the International Chamber of Commerce of Liège (CCI LNV), Emeline joined our team. She's our hands-on production assistant and our go-to solution for everyday office life

Xavier Guinotte


Musician and record producer for more than 15 years ( MLCD [My Little Cheap Dictaphone] ), he produced the first fiction podcast for the RTBF : DOULANGE (2018) for which he also created the Sound Design. Holder of a master in management at HEC-ULg, and a master in labor sciences at Fass-ULg, he’s now dedicated to give voice to innovative projects.

And Everyone else


We work in collaboration with a vast network of creatives, artists, designers, technicians and musicians that we activate to answer the specific needs of every project.

Contact us

Contact us to create your podcast, a transmedia campaign, or simply, to see if we can provide you the content you are looking for …

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